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A.H. Tammsaare

Truth and Justice is the major novel of Estonian literature

Felicity according to Flaubert

“Felicity, it’s you and me. And them.”

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A Russian master

Yuri Mamleyev

“A genius exploring the human soul…”

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“Haute Culture is a slow-book press and our task is Content SublimationFirstly, the author sublimates reality. Then our physical books sublimate the author’s gesture. And finally, the free unlimited digital books are a virtual sublimation of a local mind into the global psyche. Haute Culture Books wishes to refresh  the standard publishing model, making it both more participatory and more elegant. Each title comes as a singular ultra-limited edition, using hand-bound precious covers, real gold logos and an original design. Instead of praying for readers to come to us after the book is produced, we are going to craft the book with the people who know it, love it, desire it and want to share it with the world. We call them Book Angels. It is also with their help that we are able to offer our free e-book versions. Digital books should be free, physical books should be sublime.” Luis de Miranda, founder and CEO of Haute Culture Books

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