Physical books should be sublime, digital books should be free

Haute Culture is a brand of Kreell Artistic Books (Kreell AB), a Swedish design bureau specialising in Content Sublimation. Firstly, the author sublimates reality. Then our physical books sublimate the authors gesture. And finally, the free unlimited digital books are a virtual sublimation of the webs we weave. Haute Culture aims to refresh the publishing business model, making it both more participatory and more elegant. Each Haute Culture volume will launch with a singular ultra-limited edition, using hand-bound precious covers, real gold logos and beautiful design. Instead of waiting for readers to come to us after the book is produced, we are going to produce the book with the people who know it, love it, and want to share it with the world. We call them Book Angels.

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National masterpieces deserve to be discovered by the global reader, but European or foreign books are often not translated into English. The result? Some international literary treasures never reach a larger audience and never take their rightful place as part of our collective cultural heritage.


We aim to create the world’s best international book collection, an artistic collection of the most important writers of Europe and the rest of the world. These authors, already monuments in their own nations, will finally reach an international audience.


Haute Culture will publish limited editions, luxury books as art pieces, using hand-bound leather, silk or precious covers, real gold logos, and beautiful design. We will harness the positive cultural nationalism that exists within the home country of each book and collaborate with the people who know it, love it, and want to share it with the world.


Haute Culture will use the growing digital market to democratize high culture. But it’s not enough to simply publish an e-book – we must also make sure that the readers can find it in a crowded marketplace. We will work with cultural organizations, student associations, libraries, universities, and individuals who care about literature. Our website will be a think tank and a place for dialogue.


The production of the luxury art-piece edition will support the distribution of free e-books. This is our “Book Angels” program, which gives culturally invested individuals and organizations the opportunity to share in our mission. Our goal is to spread the work all over the world and garner the international recognition our authors deserve.