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HCB offers Truth and Justice to the world at last

After one year of hard work, we are proud to offer you the digital English version of A.H. Tammsaare masterpiece, Truth and Justice – Andres and Pearu. You can dowload it here and offer it to your friends: http://www.hauteculturebooks.com/TruthandJustice_June_2014.pdf Haute Culture Books would like to acknowledge the following Book Angels, who contributed to this publication. Thanks to […]

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A Thaumaturgy of Text: Reviewing Haute Culture Books

By David William Parry Even though a highly misunderstood concept in recent centuries, thaumaturgy has always been intimately associated with narrations of Beauty. In recognizing this relationship, of course, we find a tacit admission that there is nothing more powerful than an open imagination in human affairs; not to mention the obvious fact that such […]