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Book angels can pre-order the physical limited art piece edition at 50% of the retail price

Publishing a book seriously, with an artistic and artisanal approach is costly—from research to design, from translation to printing, from editing to distribution. We want to apply the care of the highest luxury handmade brands to the precious world of words. Giving free e-books instead of selling them also has its cost.

A book angel is a mini-Medici of literature. (S)he generously sponsors the translation, editing and publication of a book. In return, (s)he receives a copy of the physical collector’s luxury edition of the book with his or her name acknowledged in all the versions of the text.

For each title, we will print a limited ultra-exclusive edition of 20 to 500 copies max: hand-bound leather, silk or suede covers for example, real gold logos, the finest paper. The design will be original and the packaging unique.

Each Book Angel who sponsors the luxury edition will receive this collector’s item, while also supporting the distribution of unlimited free e-book versions. These e-books can go to friends, students, universities, anybody. Book Angels are not only investing in a rare, beautiful item that should increase in value year after year. They are also helping to spread major texts freely around the world.

With your help, we will discover the best literature from Europe and around of the world. Take our first author as an example: Anton Hansen Tammsaare is Estonia’s cultural icon. He has a statue in the middle of Tallinn, his works are studied in Estonian high-schools, and he is read by many Estonians with great admiration. His major novel Truth and Justice is a wonderful saga, but it had never been translated into English until now.

Thanks to our Book Angels, we will never compromise: we will publish very few selected masterpieces every year, each translated by the best and carefully crafted to create a sublime experience.

Become a book Angel

Do you want to suggest a book that should be translated or know more about becoming a book angel?

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Only 10 to 500 copies of the luxury edition will be printed.

The first orders from our Book Angels will make it possible to produce the translation and fabricate the exclusive edition as well as the e-book version. We might only be able to start translating when enough Book Angels have committed to sponsorship. Each Book Angel can of course place multiple orders.

You can donate the e-books by inviting your friends or contacts. Each of them will receive a free e-book download. If you prefer, you can donate the e-books to an institution, book club, school, university, library, etc. If you do not have an institutional contact, we might be able to handle the administrative process for you. If you want to donate free e-books to unknown readers, we will permit free downloads on our site. If you have a specific request, please contact us.

As a member of the Haute Culture Club, you can be a co-producer of one of the best international book collections. The pre-orders will allow you to have your name on the aknowledgment page of the luxury edition, unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

The luxury books displayed on this site are prototypes. The printed book might look slightly different, as the quality is always being improved.