Tammsaare's Truth and Justice

Truth and Justice, written in 1926-1933, is considered to be Tammsaare’s most famous work, and one of the foundational works in Estonian literature. We offer you the first volume of the saga, Andres and Pearu.

Written during the rise of dictators – Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini – the social epic captures the evolution of Estonia from Tsarist province to independent state. Based partly on the author’s own life, Truth and Justice explores the contrast between the urban middle class and the hard-working peasantry.Tammsaare draws an ironic portrait of urban intellectuals who have absorbed the middle and upper class mores and abandoned their moral principles.

Volume I, which we’ve subtitled Andres and Pearu, presents life in an Estonian village as farmers battle against nature in the last quarter of 19th century. The two main characters, Andres and Pearu, both unique and powerful men, represent the bivalent dynamic of human nature, not only good and evil, but hope and conservatism, conquest and pettiness. Tammsaare’s saga explores the ways that these two tendencies influence each other within each character.

Translated from Estonian to English by Inna Feldbach and Alan Peter Trei

Truth and Justice: Andres and Pearu

800 pages

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About Anton Hansen Tammsaare


Anton Hansen Tammsaare (1878-1940) was an Estonian writer whose five-part epic, Truth and Justice is considered one of the major works of Estonian literature. With the publication of these volumes, Tammsaare gained a reputation as one of the most original thinkers and novelists in northern Europe.

Tammsaare was the son of a farmer. Though poor, his family was quite enlightened for the time. He managed to collect enough money to study in Väike-Maarja and Tartu in Hugo Treffner’s Gymnasium. Afterwards, he attended the University of Tartu, where he studied law.

In 1918, when Estonia became independent, Tammsaare moved to Tallinn. It was here that he wrote those prose works, based on the history and lives of the Estonian people, which have gained him a prominent place in Estonian literature.

Today, Tammsaare stands as the national icon of 20th century Estonian literature. He has his own museum, his own statue, and his own park in the center of Tallinn.


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